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Spyware, Adware, and Malware have become more of a significant problem for the business community than viruses are presently.  This includes Phishing, Pharming, Pop-ups, Data collection, Spam, Id Theft, Trojans, and other annoying, security risking, and performance slowing effects. We have strategies to both minimize the perfomance hits, and keep the environment safe and operational. Some of these are software based and others are hardware appliance filters.  Spyware can also corrupt the computer's system registry, causing early failure in the day to day operations of your workstations. Spyware infections can cost time, employee salaries, lowering morale due to frustration with the unresponsiveness of computer, and productivity loss. 

We recommend a variety of effective tools to help contol Computer Viruses in a Network enviornment. Some Viruses are recieved through emails as attachments, others are brought in through web site accesses via Browser(Inrternet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape), and a few can be brought in through Jump drives and media. We can help mitigate this problem, using a number of strategies, depending on the clients network configuration, clients email service location, and clients hosted website exposure. We can also assist our clients by irradicating network virues, and cleaning Workstations, and Servers. There are also Router Based Antivirus solutions which filter out the viruses inbound without the performance degradation caused by local workstation antivirus and firewall software. 
Email, Outlook, Exchange

We can configure your Microsoft Email services and clients including Ms Exchange Server 5.5, Exchange Server 2000, and Exchange Server 2003. Utilizing Active Directory functionality on the latter two versions. We have experience with Exmerge to recover data and mail for clients and also in doing Exchange Server recoveries. There are also improtant features regarding Backing up Exchange server that we can implement to be assured your Exchange Mail Matrix is being backed up in a recorverable format.

Workstation Operating Systems

We have extensive experience with Dos 3.0 -7.0, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP home, XP media, and XP Professional.Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional (with virtualXP Mode)version local workstation operating systems. We have some experience with Vista Home premium and Vista Business, most of which is bad, it is a resource and memory hog, prerforms slow, and adding a Vista computer can disrupt existing "peer to peer" networks. Printing "peer to peer" to a Vista computer which is connected to the printer offers many problems as well, some Microsoft is apparently unable or unwilling to resolve at this time. We do not Reccomend Vista at all. And we reccomend waiting on Windows 8 until the first service patch is implemented, especially on mission critical systems We have some experience with Mac Os 5.0-9.0 Operating systems and integrating them into windows networks, but we are not really a Mac Shop.    

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