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Data Backup Solutions
We can help you Protect your valuable data with a Data Backup plan.  Data Backup is critical to most businesses! Most company databases require a good verifiable Data Backup, for the ability to recover easily from database corruption or uncorrectable database errors. You need to run a verification process of restoring your Data Backup.  There are numerous effective hardware and software Data Backup solutions.  You can utilize tape backup devices, external Raids, external Usb linked Drives, and other local hardware solutions for Data Backup.  There are also excellent online offsite Data Backup storage options available.  Please contact us to help verify your current Data Backup operations, or to help you put in place verifiable processes in place, to protect you critical business data.
Data Recovery

If you begin to have problems with a Hard drive, or operating system failures, it is best to get it to us before failure so we can endeavor to back up your data and profiles, then we can repair the Operating system if the Hard drive is fine or replace the operating system if it wil not repair. Then if the Hard drive is bad we can replace it with a larger drive and transfer you data and profile info to the new drive, so it is less expensive to maintain both the computer and retain the important data, with out catastrophic loss, or having to go to a drive recovery service which is very expensive!!  We do recover a large percentage of data from crashed systems, from hard drives, laptop failures, and workstations.  When you see erratic system behavior, dramatic slowing of your system, blue screens (of death) interrupting you ability to load the operating system. We recommend early reporting of these kinds of errors for the greatest chances of full recovery.  I can help recover most or all of your data, sometimes if you wait to long with physical drive failures, the data can be destroyed, or require a very expensive drive recovery process. So when you begin to get symptoms, its best to get it in early for evaluation and backup, drive cloning recovery, and much less expensive as well to salvage data!!  

Online Offsite Data Backup and Business Continuation / Disaster Recovery
We have a number of options available please contact us for a risk tolerance assesment of your networking and data protection requirements.

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