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Maintenance Contracts
Maintenance Contracts are available and negotiable for: networking, workstation maintenance, server maintenance, server updates, software upgrades, and other needed services. These terms would apply to regular periodic visits to troubleshoot, verify backups, quantify error codes and events, and to reccomend hardware maintenance dates and times in a timely manner to potentially prevent catastrophic failures!! Maintenence can save lots of employee salaried hours and help prevent serious downtimes!! We believe strongly in a regular maintenance program, to effectively get the fullest use out of your hardware, while maintaining good morale among your employees!! 
Server Maintenance
We offer a number of different types of ongoing or on call Server Maintenance, this includes any or all of the following: checking Event log records, checking service processes, patching the Server OS with updates, verifying that virus definitions are current, comfirming spyware updates are done, verifying backups, test restore from recent backup, fragmentation check, verfiying virus scan was run, and running a spyware scan.

Workstation & Laptop Maintenance

We do workstation upgrades, memory, hard drives cloning and replacement, component failure, Wireless adapters, file sharing, spyware and virus cleaning, registry repairs, profile corruption repairs, and data transfers to other computers.  We recommend Hard drive replacement on all laptops after 3 years of use because you don't get much warning and the data is often not backed up. We can clone it to a larger drive for a very reasonable price and extend the life of you functional laptop 2-3 years.  We also do maintenance on the laptops for spyware, viruses, registry rpairs, Operating system repairs, profile repairs, and a number of hardware repairs and upgrades.

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