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Moving Your Office?

Companies move to new locations for many reasons:  growth, downsizing, a better lease, a better location, and better features.  No matter what the reason, Companies need to move. We are pleased to assist you in the moving process for Servers, Routers, Switches, Racks, New Wiring, and Workstations!  We have had clients who tried to move their network themselves, thinking they would save money, and with serious consequences. This move resulted in crashed servers, due to rough handling of servers (raid and drive damage), disconnected servers where no one could access the server data, and misconfigured routers where no one had internet access. These and many other similar occurrences have happened to clients who decided to undertake this move on their own, this decision resulted in either damaged equipment or losing employee salaries and productivity.  We have years of experience in relocating Companies Computer Networks, closing them down at 6:00 pm Friday in one building, and returning Monday at 9:00am to a new building with everything functioning! Many people underestimate the complexity and the care necessary for a seamless Network relocation. Let us work with you in both planning and the implementation phases for relocating your office network.  A smooth transition in the moving process can benefit your bottom line, productivity, and office morale.   

Router & Firewall Configuration
We work configuring a number of different Routers, Wireless Routers, and Firewalls. The Branding is Juniper, Sonicwall, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and Others. There are also filters for spam, viruses, and spyware available in certain models of these hardware appliances.
Routers & Switches
We have years experience configuring Routers and Switches. We have programmed configurations for Belkin Routers, Sonicwall Routers, Juniper Routers, Linksys Routers, Netgear Routers, and few other Routers. We also have configured, both managed and unmanaged switches.  3com switches, Netgear switches, Linksys Switches, Dlink switches, Cisco switches, and a few other unmanaged switches. We have done different levels of Rack and Stack for these type Routers and Switches.
  • Belkin Routers
  • Sonicwall Wired and Wireless Firewall Routers
  • Juniper Routers and Firewalls
  • Netgear Wired and Wireless Routers
  • Linksys Wired and Wireless Routers
  • 3-Com Managed and Unmanaged Switches
  • Netgear Switches
  • Linksys Switches
  • DLink Switches
  • Cisco Managed and Unmanaged Switches
    Wireless Private Networking
    We set up wireless routers with high 256+ bit security to enable wireless laptop users secure data streams to and from their Networks when they are operated at the Office locatrion. The other part of this is covered also by the Telecommuting and Remote Access information listed above.

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