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Battery Backup Power Supplies
We feature mostly APC uninteruptable power supplies (UPS') these are critical to systems such as Servers, data storage devices, and Network switches/routers.  These appliances give clean sine wave power to Servers, this prevents the spike from corrupting data and potentially the operating system. Also It prevents brown-outs which can not only corrupt data but also can burn up components inside the Server. UPSs are also useful on critical workstations.  In the event of a power outage the Servers shut themselves dawn automatically in an orderly fashion. Workstations can be shut down in an orderly manner not just dropping off (crashing) in the middle of an appplication like autocad!!
Peripherals - Printers & Scanners
We connect many different network peripherals to a shared environment, these include printers, scanners, fax servers, Lan Drives, USB Devices and other peripherals. We attach them in Peer to Peer and Domain Networks. We also can advise you in cost savings for your printing, scanning, and other pertinent processes.
UPS & Battery Backup

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) are a highly recommended soluion for Servers and Critical workstations. The UPS has power conditioning capabilities, giving clean synthesized sine wave power removing both power surge spikes and brown outs ( when power source AC power drops below 105 volts), these two power conditions can corrupt data being written to the computer, and brown outs can also damage components within the computer or server. The secondary function is during brown outs to add from the battery source the additional voltage to bring the ac power into the 110-120 volts range. The third feature is during brief power outages (30 seconds or less) is to instantly switch to battery created AC power and maintain the computers ongoing uninterrupted operations, then switches back automatically as soon as power is restored. Then it goes back to running the computer via the filtered incoming AC power as well as beginning to recharge the battery which was used during the brief power failure. Then in event of a prolonged power outage the UPS has software and a port connected to the Server/Workstation where it will do an orderly shutdown of that Server/Workstation (protecting the data and operating system from corruption) in the event that power is not restored. Then when power is restored the battery will be recharged. 

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