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Computer Repairs - Tower & Desktop

We have 24 years Experience doing Computer Repairs, we do all kinds of Computer Repairs. we do Hard Drive replacement and Drive cloning. Power supply testing  and replacement upon failure.  Memory replacement or upgrades, Motherboard replacements. Cpu fan cleaning and replacements when necessary. Operating system reload and Repairs and Bios Chipset flash updates. Tower or Desktop case failure due to consumer Facia and or failed usb ports and/or bad On/Off switches. replacements, CD/DVD Rom Drive replacement Repairs. Video Adapter failure, Network Card replacement. We help you evaluate if Repairing or Replacing your Computer is the most cost effective solution for you.

Hardware - Repairs

We do many Hardware repairs on both workstations and laptops including fixing broken power connectors on Laptops. We are reasonable in price and have a fast turnaround in most cases!!Power supplies, ac/dc adapter failure (Laptops), Cpu Fan Upgrades, cd/dvd drive failures replacements. Mother board replacements and CPU upgrades available.

Workstation & Laptop Maintenance

We do workstation upgrades, memory, hard drives cloning and replacement, component failure, Wireless adapters, file sharing, spyware and virus cleaning, registry repairs, profile corruption repairs, and data transfers to other computers.  We recommend Hard drive replacement on all laptops after 3 years of use, because you don't get much warning and the data is often not backed up properly. We can clone it to a larger drive for a very reasonable price and extend the life of you functional laptop 2-3 years.  We also do maintenance on the laptops for spyware, viruses, registry repairs, Operating system repairs, profile repairs, and a number of hardware repairs and upgrades.

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