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Laptops -ASUS BTO (Built to Order)

We are channel Resellers for the ASUS and Lenovo line of laptops and peripherals. We recommend the Windows 7 Professional OS in these laptops to support XP Mode for the older 16 bit applications. We build these to order with options available on Memory, Hard drive size, SSD drive, Processor, video adapter and others.  We are pleased to quote you on any of these items.

Network Operating Systems

NOS (Network Operating Systems)for Domain Network Operating systems, we are experienced with Microsoft Nt Sever, 2000 Server, 2003 Server SBS and Regular versions, 2008 R2 Server,and 2012 R2 Server . We also have experience with Netware Operating systems v2.0 -5.0, and some limited experience with SCO Unix  and Concurrent Dos. We are not a Linux house at present but we have Linux programmers with whom we regularly work.

Server Building

We have been building Servers to Spec. for 20 years now. We build them with selected components for durability, a number of our clients have gotten 7- 10 years of constant use 24/7/365, with a few drives replaced and periodic maintenance. We use the SuperMicro Line of Mainboards for Servers and Build them to a clients specifications. We have them in the Tower, rack mount 4U, and the Blade 1U configurations. We Use only Intel CPUs and ECC (Error Correcting memory)for stability, performance, and durability. We build them with redundant power supplies, and optimal cooling fans to extend server useful life.  We build them with Raid 0, Raid 1, and Raid 5 options and then install the Server NOS(Network Operating System). We would be pleased to discuss your Server requirements and find you an optimal solution.

Workstation Building

We have built business class computers to spec (client specifications and needs) for 24 years now. Our computers are staged to give you performance, endurance, and dependability at a reasonable cost. Our Price is ususally about 20% above the consumer boxes which are built to last a year and a half, just outside their warranty window. Our workstations usually last 5-9 years because I use only intel CPUs and ASUS motherboards 90% of the time and the other 10% are Intel motherboards due to spec requirements. ASUS delivers better performance than Intel generally and has a manufacturers 3 year warranty. Specifying Hard drives I use only Seagate now, and I have had very few failures inside a 3 year usage window with lots of use and loads! DVD Rom drives I use Pioneer Dual Layer, then Sony. Cd Rom Drives Sony, and for floppies when desired only Teac!  I prefer Viewsonic LCD panel Displays, or second choice is Samsung!! Both display Manufacturers have a 3 year warranty on the backlight in their LCD Panels. I usually get close to twice this lifetime with these Manufacturers LCD panels. Our margin is very small on these workstations, but due to the longevity, the clients are pleased and have us come by for routine maintenance prolonging the useful lives of their computers. 

Workstation Operating Systems

We have extensive experience with Dos 3.0 -7.0, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP home, XP media, and XP Professional, Windows 7 Home and Pro versions local workstation operating systems. We have some experience with Vista Home premium and Vista Business, most of which is bad, it is a resource and memory hog, prerforms slow, and adding a Vista computer can disrupt existing "peer to peer" networks. Printing "peer to peer" to a Vista computer which is connected to the printer offers many problems as well, some Microsoft is apparently unable or unwilling to resolve. We do not Reccomend Vista or Windows 8 to our clients. We have some experience with Mac Os 5.0-9.0 Operating systems and integrating them into windows networks, but we are not really a Mac Shop.    

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