Network Consulting Service 510-744-0615 in Newark
Always There When You Need Him

One important thing to know about Doug is that he is always there when you need him.  We do not have enough demand for a full time systems administrator, but when something goes wrong there can be a serious work stoppage.  Doug has always been there when problems arose and worked tirelessly until all was back to normal, and then he reviews the preventative measures. To us, he is as good as having our own in house dedicated Windows IT staff but at a proportional price.
-- Lynn Slater, Metabyte

Over The Years
When Doug Moore retires, I’ll have to stop using my computer. Over the years, no matter how badly I manage to break my laptop, “Doctor” Doug has always coped with the disaster. He’s fixed hard drives, software and my peace of mind. Every computer sold should come with a service contract with R&D Computer Networking.
--Joe Bilitzke -- My personal computers
Recommend R & D to My Clients, Friends, and Family

I have known and worked with Doug Moore at R & D Computer Networking since 2003. Doug is very knowledgeable, courteous, and quick to respond. R & D Computer Networking has helped us with our software and hardware needs. The computer that Doug built for me was more than I had hoped for. Whenever Doug is working on our equipment, he is also quick to advise us on updating our systems to keep up with current technology. 
-- Tony Crumrine, Rainbow Funding and Realty

Saved my Laptop and its Data

My laptop started acting funny. Doug had often warned me that drives in laptops last only about three years and mine was a bit older than that. He replaced the drive and cloned the content and my laptop now works great. I'm so glad I went to Doug before the drive failed completely.
-- Karen Siegel Fitting, Mimeo

Saved us during filing season

Two days to go to file taxes and a core PC fails. Thanks, Doug, for getting us back up so quickly!
-- Jackie Hunt, Computer Bookkeeping Service

Since 1991
Doug Moore has been an integral part of our company. We’re big enough for a network, but too small for a full time IT manager. R&D Computer Networking fills the niche and because of him, we have an up-to-date, dependable network throughout the company. We depend on his expertise whenever we purchase new hardware, software, and networking devices. He’s always provided everything at a rate much lower than the open market. He is very much a valued member of our contracted staff.
-- Joseph M. Bilitzke , President, CONCEPT ORGANIZATION, INC.

Nobody likes to have their work interrupted to have the software in the PC upgraded.  Doug has an exceptionally soft touch where he can wander through the cubes getting it all done without disturbing anybody. He just works so well with all of us users.
-- Michelle Pavolka, HotDoodle

Mervyns LLC Network Down

Doug and his team handled our issues quickly and efficiently and would be contacted again with any new issues.  They were professional, timely, and easy to work with. 

 --Carol Nielsen,  Mervyns LLC

Jill Erickson Insurance (Farmers Insurance Agent)

Doug has repaired my personal computer and my laptop. In the past year Doug has also built 2 systems and network including wireless printer in my office. Doug's enthusiasm for his business shows!   September 29. 2011 --- Jill Erickson

Mo Massage

I have hired Doug numerous times to help me with setting up, fixing, and cleaning unwanted data from my computer. He is very thorough and explains what you should do to maintain your equipment. I am glad to have a person I can trust to do a detailed job for a reasonable price. July 31, 2012 -- Maureen Wilks

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Virtualization Solutions, Network Appliance

I highly recommend Doug to anyone who is looking for a professional who is providing a consistent model of very high quality services combined with an extremely professional execution and delivery. October 8, 2012 – Claude Steinmayer


Doug can work miracles! After several attempts to retrieve date from a corrupt hard drive, Doug was able to capture all of my files that included important documents and pictures. Further, Doug exceeded my expectations in the time it took to repair this device.” October 11, 2012 –Ron Ybarra

Farmers Insurance Agent

Doug was very professional with helping me solve my problem with my laptop. He had the laptop back to me the very next day as its part of my daily work. I would recommend his professional service and knowledge of working with any type of computer issues. October 18, 2012 – Marcio Fagundes



Prestige Business Solutions

We have done business with many IT Professionals and Doug is the best of the best. He is highly reliable and he gets the job done in a timely manner.” October 16, 2012 – Nabil Andeshmand

Mervyns LLC closeup

Doug did an excellent job solving our IT issues. He was knowledgable, dependable, and very easy to work with. October 3, 2012 – Carol Nielsen

Jedeikin, Meadows, Schneider, and Spaulding (Attorneys at Law)

We used Doug at my previous office to install and manage all of our network software and equipment. Doug was always accessable and solved all issues as they arose. September 8, 2012 –Steven Spaulding

Life Support Services West

Doug has provided service for our company on numerous occasions. It's IT, stuff happens with your computers, servers or internet connections, and you're dead in the water..... Doug and his team at R & D will get you up and running ASAP. Regardless of how busy they may be on a given day, your emergency is their emergency, and simply stated - they get it done.” October 19, 2012 – Neal Shabashov - Owner

2C Processor USA

I met Doug through BNI and have known him for about 10 years now. His knowledge of computers and networks is exceptional. Doug is easy to talk to and explains things clearly without making you feel dumb. Besides my own experiences, I've heard many people share their experiences over the years of how Doug was able to help them with their computer or networking issues. I highly recommend Doug and encourage you to use his expertise. September 23, 2012  -- Susan Harlow-Schott  - Manager/Merchant Advocate

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

I have referred several of my clients to Doug and they have been extremely happy. He is very knowledgeable, personable and responsive. I highly recommend him! Sincerely, November 11, 2012 -- Les Belliveau-Realtor

Sinclair Systems Intl.

I enjoyed worked with Doug for aproximately two years at Sinclair Systems International. He was our company's sole IT specialist who did a great job of keeping the company IT systems up and running. Since I was responsible for the group that did all order entry and scheduling of Sinclair's orders and contracts I was well aware of any downtime and or recovery time from IT issues. Doug always kept these issues to a minimum and reacted promptly with not only a well read/experienced technical expertise but a great professional personality suited for handling emergencies. It would be a great pleasure to recommend Doug and his company for almost any undertaking taken on. October 14, 2012 --Phil Lavie - Customer Service Manager

Foot Solutions

Doug provides excellent service making sure job is done efficiently. October 4, 2012 –George Paris - Owner

Professional Printing, Graphics Designer, and Photographer

I have been very pleased with the services that Doug has provided.He is knowledgable and get's the job done quickly.” October 19, 2012 –Tony Perez -Owner


I have worked with Doug to provide installation and IT services to business customers who did not have an internal IT staff or a proven consultant of their own. Doug is one of my best IT professionals because he does his homework by contacting customers and doing walkthroughs and estimates. Best of all, he is committed to customer service even visiting a customer at midnight to fix a wireless router. If you own a business and want a hard working IT consultant as your primary IT contact or even to back up your staff when they need extra help, you should call Doug and know you'll get a hard worker at a great value.October 12, 2012 – Daniel Lewis - Sales Consultant Team Lead

Paradigm Consulting

As a business consultant, I depend on having my computer system run at peak efficiency. Last year, Doug came to rescue when I was experiencing problems with my laptop and docking station. He responded quickly and had me and my computer back in action in less than one business day. It was invaluable for me that there was hardly any "down time" while dealing with this breakdown! October 11, 2012 –Cynthia Barnett - Consultant

San Francisco, BDO Seidman, LLP

Doug is a rare breed of computer people who actually know what they are doing. He delivered consistently and is always pro-active. I have also used him for my personal computing solutions. October 16, 2012 – James D Warren Jr. CMC, Partner

GWN Healthcare

When it comes to computer repair, Doug has consistently produced quality results for my business. Even with "immediate action situations," Doug has been very responsive and reduces the impact of downtime. Doug also has a knack of breaking down technical jargon into layman's terms so I have a better understanding of the problem. Finally, Doug doesn't just provide patch work computer repair, as he integrates long term solutions at every opportunity. When computer support is needed, I'll definitely call Doug at R&D Computer Networking. October 16, 2012 Gregg W Nuti -Owner

California Security Pro

Doug Moore is a valuable asset to any business. His computer expertise is truly unprecedented. Doug identifies the root of your computer problems and is proactive in safeguarding against future issues. Doug’s customer service skills are genuine and he is really there for his clients. When Doug in your “computer networking corner”, you know that you and your business are in great hands. October 21, 2012 –Jennifer Mangana - "Peace of Mind" Consultant

The Factoring Place

Doug built an amazing computer after hearing from me exactly what I wanted in a machine. Since he built it from scratch, it wasn't loaded with bloatware and other annoying software that major computer mfg's often litter their systems with. The computer is a real beast, and has out performed any system I've bought off the shelf previously. October 31, 2012 – Steve Ontiveros

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Doug is prompt in his response to clients, and he makes sure your computers are taken care of and your problems are solved. He works with lot of integrity and he gets joy in helping people.” October 20, 2012 – Prerana Saraiya CRS - Realtor

Las Bonitas Fashions

I've called Doug a several times when we are having problems with our computers at our store and he has been there for us all the time. He is great! Doug set-up our new computer and printer and has helped us with protecting our computers from those nasty viruses. Doug is an expert. Thank you! November 4, 2012 – Vanessa Siquig

Mervyns LLC - Accounting Division

In 2009 after Mervyn's entered into bankruptcy and all of our IT associates were gone we really needed someone to come in and help keep us running during the wind down period. Doug had been recommended to me by a good friend so we called him in and he was wonderful at identifying our problem with network and servers and was able to help us get it fixed within a couple of hours. Since then Doug has made several visits to help keep us up and running. Doug was always very prompt, reliable and quick to serve and all at a very fair price. October 27, 2012 --Joanne Stone - Meryyns Accounting Division

Scherertech, LLC

Doug is indispensable in the support of my small business. He handles all my technical IT needs in a responsive and professional manner. Due to his expertise, I was able to transition from a problematic IT environment to a very stable and robust network. I rarely encounter problems now, but when I do, Doug responds immediately. He is very personable and holds a high ethical standard where he always values our relationship more than the dollar. He never penny-antes me; his fees are reasonable and his value is great. He is the consummate professional. I would recommend him to anyone in need of small business IT support. November 17, 2012 -- Ray Scherer - Owner

Matthew Ledford, General Contractor

I recommend Doug based on my experience. He was able to provide guidance and value through understanding the needs of my business. He built a system for my business that has proven reliable and efficient. November 20, 2012 –-Matthew Ledford – General Contractor

Daly City Optometrist

I've had the pleasure to have Doug work on several IT projects in our business in Daly City. He's great to have in the office, he goes above and beyond, and his experience really comes through. November 24, 2012 –Dr. Gabe Respicio - Optometrist

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