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vDrive is a device, that acts as a local file server in your network. All the users in the network, can back up their data to this centralized file server. The data is then securely backed up to an offsite location (Cloud or remote site) periodically. As offsite data storage is not tied to a single cloud storage vendor, you can choose to back up your data on well know service providers like Amazon S3, Google Storage and Box.

You can choose to back up the data to multiple cloud services or move the data between the cloud services based on your needs. The data is compressed and encrypted (AES – HIPPA compliant) before storing it offsite.
Offsite backups can be scheduled during off business hours, with no impact to your internet service during business hours. Best of all you can access your data anywhere from your laptop and notebooks.

If you are still using generic cloud software to back up your data or have no backup solutions, vDrive is for you.

Holistic approach for enterprise data backup
  • Centralized onsite and offsite backup solution.
  • Data encrypted before backing up offsite.
  • Offsite data back only during non-business hours.
  • Choose your own cloud service provider.
  • Access your data anywhere from laptop and notebooks.

Why vDrive?

If you are using generic software based data backup solutions like carbonite, dropbox and mozy, to back up your employees’ computer, you are basically extending homeuser backup solution to your enterprise. What happens when the users leaves your company? If you are not satisfied with the service, what is the effort to move the backup service to a different vendor? Can you control the backup process not to use your precious internet  bandwidth during business hours? vDrive solves these problems, with centralized onsite and offsite backup solution.

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